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Rob and Kate Harris

We moved from Cheshire in late August 2012 to Willesborough having been members of the National JEC and Cheshire region for more years than we care to remember! My first Jaguar purchase was a Silver grey 1962 3.4 Mk 2 Automatic in Montreal Canada where I worked in 1967.  I used to drive it all winter in temperatures down to -20 degrees C.  This was sold on as I had a large Pontiac company car and wanted a convertible when I relocated to Toronto in 1968.  Not being able to afford an E Type I fell for a Lotus Elan S2 - what a very quick car that was! Having missed the superb flexibility and mystique of the Mk2 I came across another BRG 1964, a 3.8 with 33,000 miles and
one owner for the princely sum of C$3000.  I was hooked on the Jaguar marque!

Returning to the UK in 1984 via a stint in Bahrain I fell across a beautiful 1964 3.4 MK2 MOD.  Finished in Opalescent Golden Sand/tan interior with one owner, comprehensive history and 29,000 miles complete with a WK factory registration. We have won some major concours events with a 1st at JEC Northern Day in 2008.  I sold the Mk2 to purchase a concours 1967 4.2 E-Type
roadster in 1988 which won the JDC Southern and Northern Day events in 1992.  This was the only E-Type to be finished in Bentley Grey, (similar to the current Seafrost), at Browns Lane to customer request.  The Mk 2 was sadly missed so I tracked it down a and convinced the owner to sell it back to me, which he did for a premium cost and we still have it today with only 58,000
miles from new. We have attended seven of the JEC Entent Cordial Rallies over the years with immense enjoyment.

Other Jaguars owned over the years include: 1968 Mk2 340, XJSC Cabriolet; 1966 3.4 Mk2 MOD CWW in Opalescent Grey/red 36,000 miles, (sadly this was written off after a crash by the then owner); X-350 Executive Frost Blue 58,000 miles.

Recently much to Kate's chagrin, we came across another low mileage Jaguar, a stunning XK8 convertible in yes you guessed it, Seafrost with Ivory Sports leather seats and 35000 miles and two owners.  “Irresistable” I said to Kate. “Pure indulgence” she replied; but “we only pass the way once I retorted” ,so there we have it!

We now very much enjoy our new venue here with the Kent South region and it has helped us to meet some very warm and friendly fellow members. Thank you all for that as we knew very few people on our arrival here in Kent.


My 10 year love affair with the XJ6 series3 was doomed to end the moment my wife uttered those words ‘I want one of those, in that colour’! A few months later a ‘Fast Lady’ joined the ‘Sedate Gent’ in the garage. Within a few months he was off, realising he could not compete on looks or excitement.

He didn’t go far; it seems to be a trend, for beautiful bodies to be swapped for cash between local members!

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 Dianne & Steve Taylor

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