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.pdf files - Eg The Newsletter

Some files, eg the newsletter are in the Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. If you see these are not showing you may need to download the .pdf reader. Click here to access the website, then follow the instructions.

Flashplayer files - Eg The ‘Past Events’ pages.

The website may also contain slideshows of some of our events. These will probably be in the ‘Flashplayer format. If you are unable to see the photo slide shows you may need to download ‘Flashplayer’. Click here to access the website, then follow the instructions.

This page is to show advice to visitors where it has been brought to the host that there has been a problem viewing pages, pictures or any part of our web site.

For Apple Users - Safari

If the picture slideshows, such as those on the past events pages appear as blank spaces, try this;

     1. Open the ‘SAFARI’ menu and click on ‘Preferences’.

     2. Click on ‘Security’ and choose ‘Plug-In Settings…’.

     3. Look for ‘Adobe Flash Player’ in the left hand column and make sure there is a tick in          the box.

     4. Look for ‘kentsouthjec.org.uk’ in the right hand column.

     5. In the box to the right make sure ‘ON’ is selected. It may say ‘ASK’ or ‘OFF’. Both          these will prevent the pictures from showing.

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For Apple Users - iOS (iPads / iPods / Phones etc)

There appears to be a situation where only the first page of a .pdf file is displayed. This relates to items such as the newsletter and application forms that consist of multiple pages sent to me as one file. I do split any pages where possible and display them singularly so all can be viewed.

At the moment I have no remedy for this occurrence.