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Colin and Helen Field

I have been a member of the National J.E.C since 1998 and been involved at local level during that time.

In 2010 Helen and I were invited to come along to attend a meeting, after getting to know a few of the members. We joined Kent-South officially in January this year and are enjoying events and the company of fellow members.

I currently own a 1998 XJ8 3.2 Sport, which I have owned for 8 years and a 1970 XJ6 S1 4.2, which I purchased 2 years ago.

Previously, I owned a 1984 XJ6 Series 3.

Richard Barwick

Hi I’m Richard I joined the JEC in 2003 and became a member of the Kent South Region  in 2007.  I am now publicity manager for the region. I brought my car in 2004 and with the help of my son in-law started work on it in 2005 We have completed a full body restoration and rest is ongoing . I enjoy driving the car and taking it to the club events.

Commentary in green denotes Kent South JEC committee member

Rory Semple

I first became interested in Jaguars about twelve years ago.  I have had 3 XJ40s since: a 1992 4.0 Daimler, a 1993 6.0 Daimler D6. The Gold left us in March 2013 and the DD6 only stayed for a short period during that same year. The Daimler remains in our ownership and I recently acquired a 1989 Series 1 XJR which for now is my daily driver. I have been a JEC member since 2003 and I joined the Kent South Region two years ago after we moved back to Kent from Leeds.

Keith Edwards

I have been very fortunate in life to have been able to own a Jaguar/Daimler for the best part of 35 years.I currently own a 2001 Daimler Super V8 and a 1974 Daimler Double Six VDP. I became a part of the JEC Kent South Region in 2013, and have found the Region to be the most welcoming and sociable of groups that I have belonged to. Whether attending car related events or family social events, you are always made to feel very welcome

Stuart King

I answered a Club email from Steve Norton at Guy Salmon, Maidstone regarding an XJ6, X350  for sale - which just happened to belong to a family in our village!  This was just meant to be and far too good to miss, so ‘James’ became Jag number 3

I am a Belgian member living not far from Dunkirk

In May 2013 I was at the Faversham Transport Weekend, where I won a prize with my Land Rover Series One (1953).  In the meantime I got acquainted with Martin Emmerson, who showed me his Daimler Six (1995), which was in the concours at the same event.  As I own a similar X300 Sovereign (1997, Sherwood green), left at home, we started an animated conversation in which we were immediately on the same wavelength.  I enlisted with Kent South soon and this was a good decision because I have been able to participate in many beautiful trips and meets.  I know a lot of club people now and besides, my friends could often answer my Jag-questions and give me advice, or refer me to the best contacts.  I’m a lucky man!

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