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During the early 1990s SNG Barratt purchased a company called ‘Sovy’ who were responsible for making brake fluid senders for many British companies including Jaguar, and are proud to continue making the lines from that company currently. Today the range that SNG Barratt carries is unsurpassed. In house the manufacturing covers both larger items such as bumpers, fuel tanks, over-riders and radius arms as well as the smaller but no less crucial electrical components like switches, lamps, washer bottles, brake senders...the list is almost endless. Many components also have part of the work done in house and then are send away for paint or chroming processes in the local area too so when you add these to the list you can see that it is easy to list what they don’t do!

SNG Barratt sales teams across the world are regarded as the most knowledgeable in the Jaguar parts business and customers are able to benefit from well over 150 years of combined Jaguar parts sales experience so, while they do not promise that every salesmen will know every part for every Jaguar, the combined sales team experience will mean that, between them, there will be very little they can’t help you with!

SNG Barratt now keeps in stock close to 20,000 different parts at all times and has access to another 120,000 lines to order. You can buy your parts either over the phone, fax, or email, or though their main website and clearance site (for those original one-offs and bargains) and you will be able to see them at shows throughout 2011.

Coupled with their own production capabilities, SNG Barratt has proud links with other major and specialist brands which allows them to offer the complete package of parts to the Jaguar owners. Amongst these are; Bell Exhausts with their excellent lifetime-guaranteed systems, Polybush with a selection of uprated bushes for race and road use, shock absorbers from market leaders such as Koni, Gaz and Boge as well as being sole UK importer for the premium US wire wheel brand ‘Dayton’ whose reputation for quality is unsurpassed. For the E-Type owner SNG Barratt has joined with Triplex to continue the production of the famous glass headlamp covers and Champion to ensure that the spark plug caps remain the ‘real deal’.As well as this range of re-manufactured, uprated and aftermarket parts for the complete range of Jaguars, SNG Barratt also has a proud association with Jaguar itself as one of its Authorised Parts Distributors. This allows customers to access the complete range of part for modern and classic Jaguars that are still produced by the factory. This means that owners of up-to-date Jaguars can buy their Genuine Jaguar parts direct from SNG Barratt and benefit from the range of alternatives as explained above as well as from their industry-leading sales team and excellent pricing.

 So you can see how SNG Barratt has grown over the last 30 years of its life, and continues to offer the complete parts service to the modern day Jaguar owner. It continues to be run as a family business today with Julian Barratt looking after day-to-day running but a continued support given by Hazel as well as Stephen, who continues to be heavily involved on the remanufacturing and sourcing side of the business.


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SNG Barratt is a family run business that has been manufacturing and supplying parts for Jaguar cars for more than 30 years. From its head office in the English country town of Bridgnorth, they have spread across the globe and now have branches in the USA, Holland and France and their parts cover the complete Jaguar range from 1949 right through to the modern XF, XJ and XK models. Started in the late 1970s by husband and wife team Hazel and Stephen Barratt, the company began by accident in their sleepy cottage by the river Severn in Shropshire when Stephen put an advert in the paper selling some parts for an E-Type he had used as a donor car to mend his own. Such was the demand for these parts that a gap in the market became apparent and they started to set about filling it, both through acquiring old stock to sell on and then, bit by bit, to remanufacture items for the E-Type that we no longer available at the time.

This remanufacturing process started with out-sourcing a small number of items through contact in the midlands manufacturing zones. Over the years it has expanded to 1000’s of parts manufactured both in house though our own comprehensive facilities as well as through this broad range of suppliers. SNG Barratt has able been able to obtain tooling for many original Jaguar parts, and is able to continue making many items exactly as they were for the factory during production of these classics.


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